Micro Homes Floor Plans

Jun 15th

Micro homes are homes are homes which have limited width. The width of the homes is less than 1,000 square feet. Micro homes can be found in many areas, such as vacation areas. It is used as a cottage or guest house. Besides, It also become the place to rest for people who already have their main house. Micro homes floor plans are adjusted with the size of the house. The number of rooms in the micro homes is very limited since the size is small. You should think carefully about the floor plans of the house.

micro homes
micro homes

Micro homes floor plans are usually only provide one or two small bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen and one small living room since this kind of home is design for small number of persons. The homes are minimizing the use of walls by changing the walls into window to make the area become wider. Micro homes floor plans should be thought carefully in order to make the house become wider. Beside the floor plans, you should also think about the furniture of the home. You should put furniture as simple as it can be because big furniture will make the micro homes become narrow and full.

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micro home designs
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micro homes

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